Top 20 Optical Retailer


A Top 20 optical retailer faced a stark prospect–reimbursements for patient services were set to decline again while product revenue faced the threat of discount retailers. All optical retailers face the same dilemma and many adopted a strategy of increasing patient throughput to meet the same revenue targets. However, such a choice often translates to printing discount coupons, increasing the number of patients per doctor/day, reducing the time spent with the optometrist, creating greater delays, and consequently lowering the quality of service (which also lowers the probability of a product purchase). While the optical retail industry faces a dramatic transformation, for our client the lessons stood out–transform into a mass production enterprise or else?!

Challenges and Opportunities

Facing a threat, our client realized that to win, they would need to transform their business and become even more customer focused. Instead of lowering their service level, they believed raising the quality would attract the kind of customers who would appreciate it, become loyal and bring their friends. To fulfill that higher value-added vision, they would need to get into the mind of their customers and see the company and the value it delivered through their customers’ eyes. To put the customer in the driver seat can be a frightening and frustrating experience. Without timely, accurate, actionable insights, customer focus strategies fail. They needed a platform that could deliver both strategic insights and daily results.

AffinityAnalytics Value Framework

AffinityAnalytics platform works in three dimensions–operations, marketing and sales. In operations, AffinityAnalytics identifies inefficiencies from the client perspective as well as from the employee perspective. From the marketing view, we enable strategic measurement of corporate value drivers, enhance the social media image of the company by sharing the brand’s strengths and well as customer experiences at individual branches. For sales teams, we outline what specific customers prefer, create automated up-sell opportunities, referrals and in the event of unsatisfactory customer experience we activate customer recovery procedures.

Closing The Loop

AffinityAnalytics is the only customer experience management solution with uniquely designed features for the multi-branch optometry practice. In 6 weeks, with our HIPAA compliant platform, our client started to measure improvements in clinical operations as well as retail. With seamless integration with point-of-sales, scheduling and dispensary software, they began to track customer feedback more closely. While protecting patient identity, our platform began publishing to social media channels positive, authentic feedback with end-customer permission. At the same time, satisfied patient began providing referrals through our platform directly to their friends and family members.


The vision care industry is under tremendous pressure. In markets where competitive pressure is high, and substitutions are low, only the most differentiated providers thrive. Our client transformation began in 6 weeks with the implementation of our platform and it set the company on a path of continuous improvement. Here are some of the highlights:

Operations: Changes in customer transfer from doctor to retail optician resulted in revenue increase of 5% to 15% for individual branches (stores).

Sales: For every 1,000 customers who complete our customer experience survey, AffinityAnalytics generates 80-160 new leads and 80-160 returning up-sell opportunities.

Marketing: With feedback from customers and AffinityAnalytics’ positioning maps, the client launches a new product line increase optical product capture rate. Social media feedback continues to attract the type of customer who values premium service.

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