Are you a regional or national retailer concerned about revenue growth?

Customer experience management is not just about making your customers feel good, it is all about making your operations more competitive, more effective, and more profitable. AffinityAnalytics is specifically geared for regional and national retailers and service providers with multiple branches who want to improve their leadership position. Our platform will integrate seamlessly with your existing email marketing, CRM and Point-of-Sale systems to give you added capabilities that would otherwise require multiple systems.

Do you differentiate with service?

Customer want a deal, but that does not mean you have to be the lowest price provider. In fact, none of our clients are. Our mission is to help you differentiate with service and build loyal, profitable customer relationships. We achieve this goal by collecting the insights that will help you forge relationships with individual customers and segments and then automating many of these tasks so that you do not need to hire additional staff.

Do you have a commitment to continuous improvement?

Culture is set at the top of an organization. If your leadership team believes in a culture of continuous improvement then our solution will give you the tools, the data and the strategies to make continuous improvement profitable. Too often organizations focus on improving quality in areas that do not add value to clients while ignoring painful service hurdles faced by their customers. With our sentiment maps and issue tracking systems, you will have a clear understanding of your customers’ priorities and how to address them.

Do you need results quickly?

Our solution helps you find the sweet spot for your company brand, and each business unit. You can track developing changes in customer tastes and preferences to increase future sales. We enable you to be in every branch, every day and see it through the eyes of the customer.