Improve The Bottom Line With Customer Intelligence

AffinityAnalytics will help you identify what customers want to buy, why they buy, and where your service operations need to improve. Our platform integrates with any CRM and Point-of-Sales system providing for a smooth transition to customer experience management.

Optimize Customer Experience

Customer retention and loyalty has a significant impact on revenue growth. Across various industries, high loyalty can create as much as 4x-20x revenue multiplier on revenue growth (when comparing high customer loyalty and low customer loyalty companies). Our customers’ average loyalty measures put them in the top 25% of the Fortune 500 in terms of loyalty and retention.

Recover Customers

Recovery alone accounts for 1% to 3% of the revenue we help to generate, and with AffinityAnalytics you can track and analyze customer issues to resolve them faster and to preemptively address them. Our solution helps you measure risk and identify opportunity within physical retail branches, segments and individual contacts. You can review the big picture across the company or drill down and examine specific segments, categories, accounts – even individuals.

Identify Marketing Opportunities

Our solution helps you find the sweet spot for your company brand, and each business unit. You can track developing changes in customer tastes and preferences and improve your SEO.

Automate Customer Referrals

We believe the best source of business are customer referrals. The AffinityAnalytics platform generates high quality, high value leads. We generate between 8% and 16% of new leads from existing customers, adding some 1% to 5% in revenue.

Differentiate In Social Media

The direct integration with social media means that you do not have to worry about improving your reputation. As they fill out our surveys, we help direct your best customers to share their feedback publicly.