Affinity Analytics

We are not just another on-line survey provider. Our end-to-end customer intelligence platform has all the analytic and messaging tools you need to turn customer feedback into meaningful and actionable business insights. With AffinityAnalytics you will understand what your customers want, where their tastes are evolving, which customers need to be rescued, generate new customer referrals and automatically share positive feedback in the social media.

Understand and Track Customer Tastes

Individuals’ information requirements are inextricably linked to their demographic and market segments. Whether you are a Corporate Buyer trying to make merchandizing decisions or a Product Manager trying to optimize an offering for a particular segment or category, having the right intelligence about purchase experience and future intent – and having those data be valid and reliable – drives better decision making. AffinityAnalytics provides detail positioning maps that show the evolving tastes of individuals and segments over time which allows you to make better decisions about where to make strategic investments to serve your customers better.

Improve Branch Performance

When you make performance visible, people achieve better results. AffinityAnalytics platform makes both key performance indicators of your customer experience readily visible and accessible, giving your team the means to understand their performance. Our solution makes everything you need to know about your customer relations just a few clicks away. The strength of a business relationship – and what you need to do to improve that relationship – is immediately apparent.

Attract, Retain, And Recover Customers

One of the biggest challenges for all companies is making customer insights meaningful and actionable for acquiring and retaining customers. All too often, and for many different reasons, mission-critical customer insights never make it to front-line teams and leaders who need it most. Our tools deliver aggregate insights similar to those produced by other market researchers, but we go several steps further. We enable your existing customer base to generate new customers for you. To retain customers we ensure that you remain aware of their present and future needs through our positioning maps and “hot sheet” functions. Our issue tracking system helps you recover customers who would otherwise become detractors, while our social media integration advertises your performance.

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