Customer Acquisition

Identify, manage and deliver value from a customer perspective

One of the biggest challenges for all companies is making customer insights meaningful and actionable. All too often, and for many different reasons, mission-critical customer insights never make it to front-line teams and leaders who need it most. Our tools deliver aggregate insights similar to those produced by other market researchers, but we go several steps further. For B2B in particular we recognize that one size does not fit all, and individual relationships matter.

Understand the perspective of every member of a buying unit

Understanding needs, satisfaction, and loyalty for each member of a buying unit is the best way to effectively build, manage and grow B2B relationships. We therefore provide insights (to the appropriate people only) at many different levels, ranging from the entire organization to an individual customer. We also facilitate work sessions with account, segment, category and divisional teams to help translate these highly customized insights into targeted growth strategies and performance improvement action plans.