Customer Social Media

Social Media Management

Customer feedback is a gift. Customers who share positive experiences can help optimize sales, operations and marketing. Even bad customer experiences are valuable and can provide constructive criticism about where your business needs to get better. Yet, bad customer experiences can be equally costly when shared publicly in the social media. AffinityAnalytics addresses all sides of the social media needs.

Share The Good News: Build Word-Of-Mouth

All businesses rely on trust and social media enables the sharing of a brand’s or even a branch’s performance with friends via trusted communication channels. The social media sites represent the word-of-mouth marketing that still accounts for the best advertising. AffinityAnalytics make it easy—because we are good at getting your customers to respond to us, we generate a great deal of feedback and we channel the positive feedback to social media sites to build more referrals for you.

Prevent The Issues: Customer Recovery

It is in our nature to remember the bad experiences more strongly than the good. AffinityAnalytics works very hard with our clients to prevent problems from becoming issues that get to the social media channels. Our mission is to ensure that you hear of an individual problem quickly, and resolve it, before it precipitates into a negative, public campaign. Because we are impartial, and because we solicit feedback quickly and securely, you will hear from customers when they have a complaint, and we will ensure those complaints are visible to the members of your team who can resolve them. We will make the issues highly visible in your enterprise enabling you to address systemic issues and recover customers who would otherwise become your social media detractors.

Integration & Automation

AffinityAnalytics combines the technology of a data warehouse analytics platform, a messaging service, a surveying application and integration interface (to Point of Sale software, CRM and social media sites). By incorporating these technologies we enable you to automate tasks that impact social media content that have previously only been feasible with a large staff and a significant budget. Our platform enables automation of acquiring referral customers, tracking customer issues all the while improving your social media image.

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