Customer Recovery

Arm your sales team with customer insights

Quantifying revenue risk is challenging for sales organizations, because of internal bias. Front- line sales and account managers are often aware of customer concerns but may be either unable or unwilling to address those concerns.

Optimize customer experience

Customer retention has a big inertia component, which can be maximized by a combination of account and customer experience management. However, anything which disrupts that inertia – problems, competitors, or sometimes just inaction – can make customers more open to alternatives. At the same time, growth opportunities may be missed by front-line teams that are stretched too thin.

Measure risks and find opportunities to recover and up-sell customers

Our solution helps you measure risk and identify opportunity, which in turn allows you to pro-actively allocate resources to defend and grow revenue. You can review the big picture across the company or drill down and examine specific segments, categories, accounts – even individual customers. With our near real-time feedback, you can set automated and manual procedures to up-sell or recover customers.