Frequently Asked Questions

How does AffinityAnalytics’ solution help my business?

AffinityAnalytics platform will help you attract new customers, retain existing customers and streamline your operations. You will increase new leads by having more customer referrals and social media content. You will have increased insights into existing customers tastes, preferences and issues. Our issue tracking system will enable you to recover customers who would otherwise be lost, and fix operational issues at the company and branch level. While we cannot promise a specific revenue or profitability benefit, our clients generally achieve a 3%-5% revenue improvement within 90 days of activating our platform with some seeing benefits of an additional 15% to 30% in revenue.

We have an internal group who does this. How are you any better?

AffinityAnalytics’ platform and solutions reflect years of professional services experience in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, sales management and business intelligence. The AffinityAnalytics cloud platform contains patent-pending technology which was developed, tested and utilized for several years at Fortune 500 organizations. The system minimizes bias and optimizes response rates. The outputs are independent, objective and can be benchmarked. We do not replace your sales or marketing people, but we do make them more effective in building relationships that differentiate your brand.

Can you scale up to support my organization?

Our platform operates on a cloud-based architecture with data centers on six continents, so there is no limit on our scalability. We currently support organizations with thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of B2B customer relationships. We provide integration services to bring loyalty information into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, creating a turn- key solution for measuring and managing customer relationships.

What’s the ROI? How do you justify the cost?

AffinityAnalytics solution will improve customer retention and identify opportunities to grow business relationships. Our solution generally costs less than 0.02% of portfolio revenue while increasing revenue by multiple percentage points.

What do I need to get started?

AffinityAnalytics platform is accessed through your web browser, all you need is access to the Internet. Our measurement and reporting framework is designed to be customized for your business. Contact us now for a on-line demonstration and to discuss how we could help you achieve your business goals.